Sectors and Solutions

4Maps offers solution for smart city applications and detection of many data that will provide a base with GIS experience over ten years.

During the preparation step of city to the future, 4Maps answers any kind of questions about acquisition and use of data which is compatible with our current and future technologies.

3D Maps and Data Acquisition


4Maps provides you 3D maps to use the latest point that technology reached in your city.

1- With the help of the images in high resolution and sensitive sensors, 4Maps have a base to obtain data in various categories such as road geometries, traffic signs, tunnels, bridges, door numbers, or street names and present them.

2- 4Maps is at a competitive position in this sector with ongoing data acquisition and presentation experience for many years. Solutions offered have customizability and an opportunity to present over all basis upon your requests.

3- 4Maps has qualifications to provide all kinds of data supply and evaluation in a high quality with projects done according to the international criteria in our country and peripheral countries.


4Maps is a combination of international experiences obtained for many years about data base formation towards to navigation and management of this basis. With a team providing data to the leading companies for many years, 4Maps aims the highest quality for your company as a result of these knowledge and international experiences.

1-  Our priority is the formation of data base including driverless vehicles, fleet follow, fuel management, and driving security which are parallel to the support of future navigation and methods. Data we created helps to develop environment friendly driving methods.

2-  Data created by 4Maps is used with compatible to all types of platforms. Accessibility, customizability and high productivity can answer to all your questions.

Smart Cities & Transportation

4Maps offers solutions about determination of much data to provide base to GIS experience over 10 years and smart cities applications as required by our modern-day.

1- 4Maps has an experience to answer any kind of questions about acquisition and use of data which is compatible with our current and future technologies during the preparation step of city to the future.

2- 4Maps can make contact between city and technology about establishment and management of smart transportation systems which are must for smart cities.

Urbanism Applications and Infrastructure Management

4Maps, collects data by devices equipped with the latest technological smart sensors. By means of panoramic images created from these data, a measurable management opportunity is provided for your city. It also provides you to manage and decide opportunity while knowing where anything is.

1- 4Maps, opens a new door into urbanism applications with the preparation of city data base to the future.

2- Solutions offered by 4Maps provide you to approach from effective and institutional perspective during taking the decision step.

Software and Location Based Applications

4Maps, creates solutions about location based applications from created or presented data base.

1- 4Maps, meets access and solution needs of customers with developed applications in mobile platforms on time and as desired.

Comparative Tests and Consultancy

4Maps is able to provide comparative tests about map products which they used to their customers independently in all platforms as well as high quality map bases.

1- 4Maps offers a service for independent tests in the direction of international criteria and ethics.

2- 4Maps offers to your company all manner of consultancy services with an expert team according to the aims and necessities of time.